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big scalable web stuff

big scalable web stuff

We make beautiful and easy to use web applications. We specialize in scalable web apps for big volumes. We have the experience to put your project online. We deliver complete systems and when necessary, we deliver consultancy on-site; anywhere in the world.

a beautiful design and easy to use

We start from a beautiful design and we make sure your web application is easy to use. We use up-to-date mainstream web frontend technologies to create user-friendly applications; running on a broad range of browsers, both on desktop and on tabs.

technology for big numbers

Are your systems getting overcrowded or overloaded ? We use the same technology as Yahoo and Facebook do, to make the millions flow through your system. Are your indexes simply getting too big ? We know how to remove the limits; we give you a scalable web application that keeps up with the load.

Connected to the world

You need to get data from other systems into your web application ? We have experience building connections to credit card companies, authentication systems, internal administrative systems, and all kinds of other web services. We deliver performance and stability; building on years of experience with java-enabled internet solutions.

experience and european quality

Our experience was built with clients that serve hundreds of thousands of page requests per hour. They have millions of customers online or they process billions of documents on a yearly basis.
In Europe, we created applications for content management, search, knowledge management, webcare and online sales. We worked in projects for leading european telecom providers, banks and a variety of other organisations; mostly private, mostly dutch. Now based in Brazil, Docner Software has created web applications for europe's market leader in plagiarism detection.

For years, Brasil has known an economic growth that easily beats Europe while Fortaleza and the surrounding area is growing even faster. Brazil is a young country with a young population. That has more and more developed IT professionals, eager to learn and with the money to train them. Fortaleza is even more impressive: in only a limited number of years, Fortaleza has grown to be a metropole of 2,5 million inhabitants with several universities and faculties. The general mentality is forward-looking; people are expecting to improve their life and they are working hard to do so.

With more than 12 years of professional experience as a java and internet consultant, Wiebe Ruiter is now building a new team. Docner Brasil only works with certified java specialists and with experienced UI front-end developers.

Wiebe Ruiter

Programmer and java certified professional since 1997 and independent since 2000, Wiebe Ruiter worked in a variety of roles in enterprise-level java and internet projects; most in Holland and Europe. Ernst & Young, SVB, Rabobank, KPN.com and Vodafone Global are some of his clients. His experience includes internet system architecture, project- and team management and solid java/web coding.

Wilson Barros Filho

Java certified professional and a programmer for 6 years. He has worked in projects for among others Bradesco, Banco do Nordeste and InterMelon. He loves linux, knows several java backend infrastructures and has strong web front-end skills. His mobile experience includes both Palm and Android.

Nicolas Fontenele

Java certified programmer; working alongside his last semester of university; computer sciences at UFC. Nicolas is a talented junior developer; he won 2 scholarships, one of which being the respected CNPQ scholarship. He completed internships at Synapsis and Unum.

Junia Goncalves

Junia is a web designer and interaction designer by heart. She creates designs, prototypes and complete web sites and has particularly strong knowledge of CSS and html5. She shows her talents in clean and professional web site designs; and in the graphical and interaction design of our web application projects.